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Do I need to buy a set of tools for the home?
The presence of many private enterprises and individual specialists who are engaged in the installation, adjustment and repair of residential communications - calls into question the expediency of purchasing a set of tools. In addition, very often the necessary tools for the home, even in minimal configuration, are relatively expensive.
However, it must be remembered that the call to the house specialist costs a certain amount of money. Yes, and drive people back and forth to replace the socket or banal hammering a single nail into the wall - this is certainly not a serious and relatively expensive business. You can ask the necessary tool from the neighbors, but here too there are some nuances. When using a thing, it can break: it is not deadly, but also a pleasant little is inconvenient somehow in front of a neighbor. Yes, and will have to compensate. In addition, attached if not constant, then surely, frequent begging. Therefore, it makes sense to buy at least a minimum of tools.
What tool is needed for home
Usually, the “sofa masters” offer their own vision of what tools are necessary for the home. Undoubtedly, the supply of circular saws, turning and milling machines, tools, welding machines and perforators pleasantly excites male vanity, but an approximate calculation of the final amount will embarrass even the most outcast optimist. Yes, and need such a tool for professional workers who use it all the time. For a simple man in the street, who will use each device a couple of times in his life - this is an irrational, very unprofitable investment. The only exception is to rent the instrument.
It is much easier and cheaper to get a mandatory minimum of tools, and if necessary, spend the rest.
Recommendations for choosing a universal toolkit
You must decide on the type of toolkit. There are various variations of such kits, aimed at repairing cars, plumbing, electronics and electrical appliances, home appliances and other things. This will help to significantly reduce costs. There are also universal kits that combine several types, but their cost is substantially higher than ordinary sets.
When buying a set of tools should pay special attention to the material. It is worth checking the quality of metal and anti-corrosion coating of products, as well as the convenience and ergonomics of the tool handles. When inspecting a quality tool, it will be almost impossible to detect defects and defects, which cannot be said of Uncle Liao’s basement products.
The body of the case should be strong and reliable. It is necessary to carefully check the hinges and locking the lock. There should be no backlash and excessive friction. Otherwise there is a possibility of breakage, which is not very pleasant.
Tools must be securely fixed in their seats. However, their excessive fisheries are also not welcome. This will affect the comfort of using the kit (if the nozzle is firmly seated in a niche - it is inconvenient to get it with one hand). If the tools sit very loosely, they may fall out when being carried, falling into one pile at the bottom of the case.
A set of tools in closed form should occupy a minimum of space. In principle, this is a trifle, but if it doesn’t matter, then you couldn’t spend money on a compact and versatile set, but limit yourself to a huge bunch of various keys and screwdrivers stacked in a box or bag.